Bond Trading Software Engineer

Salt Lake City, Utah


Lead development process for bond trading software using Agile methodology, C++, Java, Javascript, and Python. Build data analytics platform using KDB and KDB-Q. Use JQuantlib to perform bond math, and BPIPE API to obtain financial information from Bloomberg.  Create Fix engines to connect trading exchanges using Quick Fix.  Analyze system, design software, and determine hardware requirements. Analyze other trading systems to compare capabilities and determine needed improvements. Evaluate and utilize new financial data sources. Oversee building and testing of software system in production. Resolve integration issues. Develop test plans, oversee execution, review results and ensure quality control. Analyze and apply new tools for data storage and analytics, and evaluate new financial data sources.


BSEE and 5 years of progressive software development experience (including at least 2 years in job offered), with Java, Javascript, Python, KDB-Q, Quick Fix, JQuantlib. Eclipse, PL/SQL, Unix Shell Scripting, and BPIPE API.

Send Qualified Resumes to

Elefant Sciences, Inc.
Attn. Richard Stoermann
255 North 400 West, #106
Salt Lake City, Utah 84103