Machine learning applied to marketplace pricing.

Modern software for modern marketplaces.

Elefant Sciences, our technology R&D company, designs high-performance modular software systems to deploy capital in OTC marketplaces. And our clients license the same speedy, stable, and secure products we use internally.


Processing in parallel.

The Elefant Sciences team applies our expertise in machine learning and signal processing to create targeted, objective software solutions. We focus on the uniquely challenging domain of OTC marketplaces.


We know our software works. Our capital depends on it every day.

Our clients require powerful messaging, pricing analytics, and integrated risk management in a fast-paced regulated environment. So our products leverage machine learning to help clients in OTC marketplaces.

Find the correlation.

Discover the power of objective, targeted pricing. Get in touch if you’d like to learn more about our company, products, or team.

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